750mm Waste Board from Baltic Birch?

Hey Everyone,

I ordered my X-carve kit without the waste board and am getting ready to male my own. I had though that 3/4 MDF would be the ideal material but after some reading I am wondering if the 1/2 Baltic Birch that I have on hand may work as well or maybe better.

What do you all think??

Pro’s? Con’s?



1/2" MDF is standard for 750mm and 500mm Xcarves. 3/4" MDF is for the 1000 mm Xcarve.

The only issue I see is whether you can easily skim the plywood given the layer construction. I’d think that might be difficult.

Thanks for the replies.

I have gone ahead and cut a waste board from a piece of 1/2 baltic birch that I had on hand.

We will wee how it plays…

Thank you again.


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Thanks Everyone,

I have my machine up and running with my home made BB waste board. It is working well.

Thanks again.