$78.00 10" Windows 10 tablet at Walmart

I don’t have one. I’m thinking about getting one and there is a rumor that the thermal design is bad which leads to over heating and premature failure.

I noticed that, after keeping it on my lap for 3 hours while trying to figure out how to get UGS running properly.

I purchased one online @ Walmart.com, added a 64gb SD micro memory card and a Bluetooth mouse. I loaded PicEngrave Pro 5, the Arduino driver and PicSender on it. I just finished a 3 hour 20 min laser photo engraving with our EmBlaser. The RCA tablet works like a charm and I did not notice it getting warm at all.


Selling mine, the one I just picked up, if anyone wants it.
I freakin’ DESPISE Windows…
Otherwise, it works great.

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