8mm 'Collet' for Makita 0700 - is this real?

I am in the UK and I ordered what was described as a 8mm collet (official Makita part).

What arrived doesn’t look right to me. It fits narrow side up as a snug fit in where the standard 1\4" collet fits, but it looks nothing like it and has only one relief slot thing in it. Will this thing actually hold a bit and be of any use?

I used to use a Makuta trim router that had a couple of collets like that (8 and 10mm I think. Any smaller sizes looked more normal). They worked fine for me, but I don’t know what they are like for cnc


There has been at least one instance of a customer noting that the bundled 6.35mm endmill wouldn’t fit in their 8mm collet, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Elaire Corporation also makes 8mm collets for the Makita RT070x:

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Yeah, I just ordered a 4mm collect from them, and didn’t want to shell out another chunk of money on a 8mm :slight_smile:

the collet that came with my makita looks exactly like that. Works fine



I’ve tried the 8mm collet as pictured, but it just pushes up inside the “chuck” without holding the 8mm end mill - will add a picture of the part that came with the router