8mm or Acme lead screw..?

I have had my Xcarve for a few years now 5or 6 any how just getting back after a year break and a new computer setup and cant remember for the life of me what I have (nothing to compare) M8 or the ACME lead screw … I put in M8 … everything works but the X its cutting way to deep… and 2nd question just to be sure is it the X controller in motion setup…? anyway someone have a photo of both lead screw setups so that I could compare

You mean Z right?

1 - If Z dont move 1" with a 1" jog command then you need to recalculate the $102 parameter.
To do that you need to know the actual distance traveled (x) for the specified jog command (y) and your current $102 value.

2 - You should perhaps choose “gshield” in setup due to the age of your machine, however Xcontroller work the exact same way with just a few different GRBL parameter values. In other words, its not critical :slight_smile: Just use the setup sequence to make sure everything move and the correct direction. Then test/recals step/mm values for XYZ ($100-$102)