9' Freestanding Circle Backdrop on Wheels

Hi there! I’m brand new to the forum - and I’m literally headed out the door shortly to get certified on the CNC machines at our local maker space - so I wanted to reach out for any advice you might be willing to offer on my first big project!

I’m going to be making a circular backdrop for my wedding this fall. Here’s a pic of the Kumari Kandam style piece that inspired this - though mine won’t have the chair aspect, it will be just a circular backdrop.

Here are the key points of my current plan:

  • Circle itself will be ~9’ diameter
  • Use metal pipe frame to support / attach wheels to the piece
  • Mill backdrop in smallish sections
  • Sections will have some sort of connectors to keep them flush when assembled
  • Finish & paint somewhat in the color scheme pictured
  • Attach back-lit, custom resin cast gems in center ring
  • Build a case to transport it (disassembled) to another state
  • Have it be easily assembled on site

So with that in mind, I have one major question at the moment:

What material would be best for the backdrop? Something lightweight like a foam would be great, but I’m somewhat concerned about durability and warping.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.
(Especially if there are any big issues you with my current plan!)



At present, I am limited to a 30" build area, so here is my current part plan for the build.

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Cool and ambitious project :slight_smile:

What kind of design depth do you have in mind?

Thanks! The further along I get in planning, the more I realize just how ambitious it has become…

Ideally, I’m thinking a 2-3" total depth of the pieces, hoping to be able to carve in at least 1.5".

Hello and welcome, I would use Common Board PVC sheets maybe like 1/2" glues to something else for sturdiness but the PVC will mill like butter, easy to paint, and its very light weight. getting it thicker would need to come from a sourced supplier. It comes in 4’x8’x1/2" sheets at Lowe’s you can cut down. Good luck to you.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I’m starting to have a better plan, I think. More complex, but probably better…

I’m planning a 2-layer MDF backing. One thin layer, maybe 1/8", and then a 1/2" deep, 1" outline of the section. I’ll cut these out on a laser to speed up that process.

Then I’ll CNC mill a top foam layer that I’ll glue over the thin layer of MDF.

I’m thinking this will give me the stability I need, but without as much weight as solid boards would have. It’ll also make it possible to have interlocking puzzle style joinery that won’t be visible from the front.