99 bottles of beer on the wall... er umm bottle openers (rated PG-13) Censorship sucks

I think I am having way too much fun making these lately. Wife wanted me to make one for a friend ordered a box of openers and got carried away this past week.


Just placed on order for bottle openers on ebay…

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I love them quick and easy to make. I made a file for the opener layout so it drills pilots with the v bit so no measuring to center it later. I have my chop saw set to 12" so I can throw a 5.5 plank on it and make a bunch of blanks then carve spray black run through planer and stain. I can pump out a few at a time in the evenings after work. I am hoping these will start helping to pay off the machine for me lol.


Are those painted or is that an epoxy overlay?

Sprayed inlay black, run through planer to clean the top then stained.

Just made my first bottle opener. Making a few as Christmas gifts. Some openers are a bit more expensive, but better quality. We used some at a friend’s basement bar setup that were cheap cast and they lasted a weekend, some of the more expensive ones have lasted years. If you are selling them on your business page it won’t hurt to spend the extra $1 or less per opener on good ones that will last.

How much are these selling for?? Do you guys use the strong magnets to catch the caps or just let em fall?

IMG_0374 I love doing the Bar style wall hangers. you got to do clock to lots of fun.IMG_0143 (2)


I sell them at farmers markets all day long for $40

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i go to my local farmers market and struggle to sell anything. I find the average person is only going with a few dollars in their pocket for local corn etc…

I was thinking $25 each because minimal cost involved and I can make them pretty quick. First thought was $30 but didn’t think anybody would pay more than $25. Have not tried selling them yet.

:X 5.44
:Y 18
:Z 0.37

36" Pre-cut PINE boards at Lowes $2

Don’t sell yourself short.always haggle down some at the markets.start $40 sell $30.

@RyanEdwards you don’t get any tear out of the images or lettering when you run through the planer after carving?

Also for everyone making them out of pine? Do you use keyholes on the back to hang? I was just wondering because wasn’t sure how well the pine held up to the pressure popping bottles open with just a screw in the keyhole? I’m still waiting on mine to dry then test out. I just used pine because I had some scrap laying around.

Amazon;IMG_0377 Comdox D Ring Picture hangers, 50-Pack Heavy Duty Hanging Picture Frame Hangers, Double Hole with Screws $12.89


I use a 60v to cut deep and zero it a little bit into the board for some wiggle room on the planer. I use pine shelving boards 5.5 wide and have the v bit pre drill my popper holes as well as 2 screw holes which I go back and hit with a counter sink drill bit so should sit flush with a drywall screw. I have had to toss some projects due to planing too far but so far none of the bottle openers. The trick is baby steps and running it through over and over making sure none of the details are about to be erased. If there’s no more room to plane I finish up by hand sanding.

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Those bar style wall hangers are AWESOME! More pics plz :slight_smile:

Also, what are you doing to get such nice images?

I got a lot of 5.5" wide pallet wood I might use to make a few of these with. I’ve used the planer method on a few of my chicken coop signs and that saves time trying to hand sand 15-20 signs.

Google search such as (funny beer black and white) always put black and white at the end.



My prosess painting.

  1. Sand fine Grit 320
  2. Stain after stain dries (American Walnut). 1hr
  3. Apply 1 coat Poly satin to seal the wood 1hr
  4. Inject paint into #s and letters water base.
  5. Spray poly gloss 1 coat about 3 hrs dry time in room temp

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