9mm belts - functional belt clamping

Maybe someone else has use for this. Currently working on expanding a 500mm XC to 1000x750mm.

Note: I have not tested the solutions below yet. No guarantees :wink:

9mm belt clip 2 v 2.stl (163.9 KB)

  • 2 M4 20mm bolts
  • 1 M5 20mm bolt

Y axis solution for those with wierd Y end plates:

  • I made som taller Y end plates from 15mm ply and reused the metal plates from Inventables.
  • Drilled out the old metal plates to fit a M6 eye bolt and attached them onto the ones made from plywood.
  • M4 x 20mm bolt in the belt loop, electrical isolation tape. Will add a M4 nut on the bolt too.
  • Reused some plastic spacers I found lying around.

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