A couple of quick and easy name signs

A couple of quick and easy name signs, got the idea from someone here on forums I forget who
but thanks for the idea



What type of wood and bit are you using?



The wood is 3/4" select pine from the home depot and the bit is an 1/8" flat nose I got on Amazon

1/8" 17mm Carbide Flat Nose End Mill


Very nice. What font is used?

The font I used is call Cowan or Crillee, I got it at CoolText.com

Cowan Font

What program did you use to cut these? Would love to make some for my Granddaughters

I designed them in Inkscape and cut them in Easel, you could do it all in Easel but the fonts are limited

I have Vcarve Pro so I think I will use that for the moment.

I’m cheap lol, I try to use as much free software as I can, not because it’s free but it can help a new user on a budget get things done

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Agree, I bought it with the Xcarve package, and I’m glad I did. I’ve messed a bit with F-engrave and it’s worth looking at also.

I have been playing with F-engrave and USG still some learning to do :grinning: