A Few Medals and Coins

Nope. Faster and cheaper. I use these in a dremel: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KFPO4BK/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

EDIT: I have a keyless chuck for my Dremel. These have an odd shaft size, so if you order, order a keyless chuck (it is a great time and headache saver anyway):


My normal reaction to a topic like this is “well there goes the weekend”.


Sorry to bug you again, could you please provide a link to the Amazon engraving bits whenever you get a chance? Thanks!

Ok, Now I remember. there is the steel outfit southside that was previously mentioned, I moved out of that area 30 years ago then i was northeast 1989-2004. then escaped the cities altogether.
I wasnt real far from discount either, ironically. Off of Jefferson and Lowry.
Technically discount steel is in North MPLS (west side of the river.

I went through that area this last weekend and remembered that I dont miss any of it a bit!

I grew up on 26th ave and 28th street right across from Minneapolis-Moline (now target)

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I vaugely remember the Minni-Mo plant, mostly as an empty building really. I think it went out of production before I was hatched. 1964
Grew up on Bloomington and 25th st.

Ok I’m not gonna hijack the thread any further. Pm Me if ya wanna continue :wink:

Hey - sorry it took so long: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HC9D8MY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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I got here in 1990. 35th and Bryant (south) then Calhoun Parkway, then 35th and Pillsbury, then 19th and Emerson, then Lake Minnetonka. I came here to fish and make money. I usually get one or the other - never both.

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Great looking coins. I have made a few on my Stepcraft 2-840 using the same bit. Very tedious works. I used .25 x 2-1/2” flat stock and cut out the blank coins to start with. Then I have an aluminum fixture that I use to cut out both side. I use a setting on UCCNC that allows me to use a edge finder to locate the center of the jig perfectly. I like the .1875 material better as the coins are not so heavy. What are you using to tarnish the coin after cutting it? It’s definately not simething I would want to make a bunch of coins with, but as a special purpose coin, I love it.


Wow, even the jig is cool looking. The clamp idea is smart! I use a grub screw, which is… less smart.

The tarnishing fluid is here: http://www.rockler.com/darkening-solution

Okay, These look awesome. I’m curious how long you think those bits last on your 2 sided 2 inch(?) coins.

For me It all depends on the quality of my zeroing process. I can get two to three coins out of a bit.


That’s good info to know. I was hoping they would get a little more use out of them - I guess I’ll need to not have too many “test” pieces!
I know the speed is around 40-50ipm and DOC is .003 - what did you set your stepover for that bit?
I have all the items you recommended got delivered today and are waiting for me at home! Hopefully I can get something done tonight.

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Dang - I tried to edit my post and deleted it. If you saw it, it was backwards. 80% stepover and THEN 50% for finishing pass. Though I have accidentally used both through finishing and could not discern a difference.

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So you run a V-Carve/Engraving Toolpath at .003, 80% stepover - then come back and run it again at around 50% stepover?
Do you use any Flat Area Clearance? Or just let the 30deg Engraving bit do all the work? I realize that probably depends on intricate/detailed the design is too.

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Just the v-bit. And it is a V-Carve - You’ll never get a clearance bit and a v-bit to the same level, which makes a messy bottom. Just let her run and your flats will have a nice matte finish easily buffed out. Also, keep in mind, I face mill the medal before engraving to ensure it is square to the machine.


This is super cool. I would like to dive into this to make a few challenge coins for some friends. I have an x carve with the free software. Any more pointers you have on this would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to see a video of your process.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. Good to know.

I do not have any videos. But here is a shot after face milling and engraving. You can see what it looks like before being hit with the Dremel.