A Few Nick Nacks

I enjoy looking at everyone’s projects so I thought I’d just show a few of the things I’ve done. Hope they aren’t to bad. I enjoyed making them and my mistakes kept my fire pit going all summer.


So is these card holders? they look cool

Thanks. Yes, they are. Learned a valuable lesson though. Not all gift cards are the same size. Itunes cards are smaller than most.

can you go into some detail on how you made them?

Happy to. The link to it is below. You will want to modify it but it gives you a starting point. These are for the iTunes cards that are smaller than normal gift cards. I didn’t want it to be real thick so I used the Xcarve to get it down to the thickness I wanted. I used a 1/8inch upcut to cut do the cut out for the card which I did on both the top and bottom to try to keep the thickness down. Used the same bit to cut it out. I just used old pallet boards for the wood. The main thing is to use double stick tape to hold it down for the whole length otherwise it tends to bulge up in the middle. I got the idea from Woodworking for Mere Mortals on you tube. I used a 0.2mm 20degree v bit for the fine detail but since there was only easel then I called it a 0.2mm bit. Took some time but they turned out nice. Super glue held the parts together.

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Thanks. that is a cool little project.

Big Thanks to the person who shared the phone project. They were a hit. The Flags were great too. I always appreciate what I read on here.


A fellow Iowan I see. Your stuff looks great and no worries. I too have a full box of scrap due to mishaps. Just part of the process I guess. Keep up the good work. I like rhe gift card holders. I think I will do that for x mas next year. Most everyone gets gift cards anyway.

Devin, where about in Iowa? I’m up in the Northeast corner. I did a little Easel stalk and see that you have adopted. We did as well. Our son came home from Ethiopia about 7 years ago.

Yep east central here. Adopting has been one of the most difficult but at the same time most rewarding things that I thought I would never do.