A gift to the gamer in the house

Still needs some clean up and some clear



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Call Of Duty stove top ???

EPIC :sunglasses:


LOL don’t know if the wife would approve. But if that is the case then the second pick would be a call of duty toilet lid.

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Are you the gamer shanebell? Make the toilet lid, just do it, lol.

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I used to be the gamer but now my boy has taken over. lol cod toilet lid.

would love to see that one if you make it!

She would kill me but I can see it now call of doody. But that would make a sweet looking lid with a glow in the dark epoxy inlay.


That is awesome. I spend hours playing COD Black Ops III.

any chance I can get a copy of your file? What did you use?

sadly the file is no longer in easel. but if time permits I will make another and put the link here for you. might even make a vid to show you how to do it if interested. it is quite easy and done with free software