A good source for SVG files


I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on a good source for free SVG designs. My wife is big int CNC paper cutting projects (she uses a Cricut “electronic cutting machine”, which is basically a CNC paper cutter) and she has been downloading the “free-be of the day” from a site called “Miss Kate Cuttables” (www.misskatecuttables.com/). They sell SVG files on the site, but on the left hand column they also offer a “free-be of the day” that you can download at no charge.

When I discovered x-carve and Easel, I ‘borrowed’ her hard disk full of freely downloaded SVGs and suddenly I have a full library of “arts and crafts” type projects at my disposal. Most of them are adequately layered to be very customize-able in Easel and even more-so if you use Inkscape. I expect to get a lot of use out of this type of stuff after our daughter is born (my wife already has me queued up to carve out letters and figures of all sorts other stuff for the nursery as soon as my x-carve gets here).

Anyway I just wanted to pass along this free source of SVGs and X-carve-able craft ideas.


I just purchased Cricut Explore Air for my wife. This is good news. She was so sorry waiting for me to find some designs.
Thank you.

There are more freebee SVG designs than you can shake a stick at out there. Just do a
Google search and you will be truly amazed. One secret is to search using images. You will find the website that the image is linked to. More times than not, there are dozens there too.

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