A Great Site With Some Great Build Plans

Just at this bowl!



nice find! thanks for sharing!

Awesome site – thanks!

Using a small bit (1/32") might work with the X-Carve though I wonder how it would effect designs like this one: Nachlicht


Das ist sehr gut!

Thanks for the nice comments! :grinning:

This is my newest creation: a 1930 Ford Model A. For me this is a prototype of vintage car. What do you think? You can download the drawing (for free) at my website ZenziWerken.


My daughter wants a dolls high chair for Christmas (so please don’t
tell). The project is suitable as a last-minute gift for all owners of a
CNC machine (12" x 16"). The drawing can be downloaded for free: https://www.zenziwerken.de/en/Spielsachen/Puppenhochstuhl


awesome work!

This is YACS, yet another cnc-cut spirograph. As a specialty it uses hypocycloidal (round) teeth which allows optimized machining on a cnc, as the tooldiameter has no problems on small teeth like with the sharp edges of involute gears.
Furthermore I added not only holes, but three triangles on each planet gear. This results in interesting shapes. As a gearset I decided to use 48, 50 and teeth for the sun gear and 39, 40 and 42 teeth for the planet.

Download the drawing at https://www.zenziwerken.de/en/Spielsachen/Spirograph#YACS


@ZenziWerken Thanks for another great project!

It’s time for a project to convince my wife that a cnc is really useful. So here is the 5-sided Grill Lantern. Originally inspired by a donor who asked for help on the design. In an creative exchange we came up with the final design.

You can get the drawing at https://www.zenziwerken.de/en/Haushaltsgegenstaende/Dekolaterne

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It’s Valentines Day tomorrow! I’d say hop down to your workshop and make a tiny present for your loved one. How about this One Hand Book Holder. Can be made from any material … so, no excuses :slight_smile:

Get the drawing at https://www.zenziwerken.de/en/Haushaltsgegenstaende/Einhand-Buchhalter

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Simply brilliant :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing!