A little help please - someone carve this to compare?

Hiya, all.

1000 mm x-carve all set up, have had some very successful carves, and some learning experiences. I just carved this (my last name), and it has some serious problems. I’ve tried carving it a few times, making a few changes (like upping the x-axis pots, etc), and I keep getting the same weird issues. Notice the P and the X there, mostly. Those should be nice clean v-carved grooves. When I run this through OpenSCAM, it seems normal to me, but it carves funny.

Anyone want to carve this out for me really quick, and see if your machine gives the same problems? I created it in F-Engrave, cut it using universal g code sender. It’s done in MDF, depth of .05 per pass, and I think 40 inches per minute speed, with 90 degree v-bit. Size is about 1.5 inches high by 7.5 inches long, offset 0.75 inches up and right of the origin. Took less than 10 minutes to carve. Here is the SVG.

name test 5.ngc (124.3 KB)

If you’ve got a scrap bit of wood around and are willing to carve this for me, see if you get the same problems?

How big is this name can you give dimensions W and H .

Only 6 letters, 1.5" tall and about 7.5" wide or so. The code also offsets the carve by 0.75" up and right from the origin (origin is bottom left, as usual).

it’s running now. under 5 minutes. (There is no spindle start command on this toolpath)

Here is the result, I didn’t see anything wrong except toolpath. No spindle on no program end commands. and running on 4 passes. My machine can do this at once.
Any way, X-Carve w/dewalt 611, universal Gcode Sender and result follows.

Well, then now I guess it’s time to ask for advice. Why do you suppose I am having the problems you see in my first picture? What should I tweak on my machine to make it better?

Usual problems and fixes. I think your V-Wheels are not tide enough. Your belt tension, quality of the bit all makes things worst. So how long you have this machine and are you still on 24V stock spindle.

I’ve only had the machine for about a week or so now. How tight should the v-wheels be? I did tighten them up once, but perhaps they need some more. The bit is the 90degree vbit sold by inventables, and obviously isn’t old since I just got the machine. I’ll check the belts, though. That is something I haven’t looked at much since I first assembled this thing.

@AlanDavis , I am very interested in a few of your mods I see in the pictures. First, I like the dust shoe with the vacuum tube in front of the spindle, I was just thinking that would be the best location for my machine. Did you make it or buy it?

Next, How do you like the T slot track? I have been resisting it since I thought that I would need to cut a slot in the wasteboard to recess the track, It looks like you just mounted directly to the top of the board,

And yes, just stock spindle so far.

That is the key points, you have to pay maximum attention to V-Wheels and belts. On my machine, very hard to turn V-Wheels, no space what so ever. Belt tightening is easy if you can find my post about belt sleep problems. If I find it I’ll post one more time. Without healthy wheel alignment and loose belts, your carving will be hell. In other hand, Stock spindle didn’t work for anyone. If it is working now that’s fine. But when fails I suggest you to contact help@inventables.com immidiately.

I made that dust shoe, and I have already post all drawing files, parts vendor list and instruction. I’m happy with it. It slides up or down when needed for different bit sizes, I’ll post one more time if i can find it. I think it is under Projects section.
T-Tracks all you need. I also have couple holes on waste boards deeper areas I can use clamp when I put very large panel to carve.

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New version on Project page.

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You can follow this link, several different options for Belt clamping. You can see my post as well. I haven’t touch my belts since then.

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@AlanDavis You were spot on with the belt tightening. I was too nervous to crank down on that adjustment screw enough before, I guess. Now, look what I just got:

A perfectly clean carve. Thank you so much for your help!

Also, I’m ordering the dewalt 611 tonight. My wife will never notice the money missing… Thanks again for the advice.


I’m glad you’re back on track. Happy carving.

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@AlanDavis Would you mind posting a wider picture of your setup? I am curious as to how you are routing the dust hose. I am building a dust shoe setup, and I’m considering several options for how to keep the hose from putting strain on the spindle while it is working.

This is what I’m doing, didn’t give me any problem. Could be anything to hang the hose, some wire attached to ceiling maybe…

Thanks! @AlanDavis I was thinking of something similar.

you will love the 611!