A place for your BBQ utensils... And your beer!

Well I’ve got almost a production run going on these. Posted my finished product on Facebook last week and got a bunch of people ordering them from me. Wasn’t my intention, but hey, it’s helping pay for what I’ve sunk into this!



This is great. Can you share your painting technique?


This project is poplar wood, cheap in my area, but I love, love, LOVE!!! the grain patterns. The “that is how we roll” is cut 1/8 deep. I tried putting a piece of painters tape on this section to mask it off as it cut, but the bit didn’t cut the tape cleanly, so I just sanded the top surface to clean it up, this area is nothing more than an enamel spray paint… If anyone has a suggestion for a masking medium that cuts cleanly, I’m all ears! I just did another carve, masked off the perimeter of this section and then did a light rub of Danish oil on the remaiing bits of the top surface… I’m hoping this will impede the paint from leeching into the grain. The rest is just Varathane brand wood stain, weathered gray, applied with a detail brush on the top surface and wiped off after a few miuntues. I then hand rub the piece with Danish Oil front and back, several coats to bring out the depth of grain, and then finish the front with a satin finish Spar Urethane, three light coats, just to protect from the weather…