A poured resin inlay for my 1st project post

I just uploaded my “official” 1st project post and wanted to share. It is pretty simple but came out so nice I wanted to share.
It was fun to make and it is customizable. I used a polyester resin with Pearl Ex dry pigments. I posted it to YouTube here: https://youtu.be/gp2eK-oUNhQ
Take a look:


Looks Great Chris , I’ve been experimenting with painted carvings and clear epoxy with decent results as I wait for for pigments to arrive. As a matter of fact my heads still spinning from the smell as I type … :smile:
Good Job !

How did you mix it? i have tried it in the past and it did not turn out that well.

Just thinking - what if you cut clean through and had a clear acrylic back: lighted resin inlay?

“I’m in Germany, thinking outside the Bach’s…”

On the video I just filled the Dixie cup about 1/2 filled and used about 7 drops of catalyst. This is what I used when I would make pen blanks.

Very nice!