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A quick MDF box

I have a few projects coming up where I want to make a custom storage boxes. So I made up a quick MDF box to try out some simple dovetail designs and develop my skills a bit.

It turned out pretty good for a first try

There were 2 minor flaws. The lid was a bit too long (probably a math error on my part), easily fixed with a belt sander.
I designed all the sides to be the same, then shorted one so the lid could slide in and out. But in doing so I left a tiny gap on one side where a tab would go.
I modified on part so the gap is filled in, but I should probably redo the tabs so that are is solid on both sides.

On the whole a fun and satisfying project. I plan on making more storage and organizers in the near future.


Hi Aaron,

Did you use the Easel Box creator app for this or did you draw it in another package?

I’ve tried to use the box creator but had trouble with removing the joints from one edge to create a opening top.


I use VCarve Pro. I drew it manually and added the tabs / notches as separate boxes. Then used VCarve’s “cut” tool to combine it into one shape.
VCarve has a dog bone tool that lets you add the extra curve to angled corners.

You should be able to easily do this manually in easel or inkscape.

The trick I found is to carefully measure the thickness of the material. As the material thickness is the height of the tabs / notches in the design.

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you need handles. :slight_smile:
Maybe you can make them out of the scrap that is left.
Like use 2 dowels and a rectangular piece.
Or you can create a pocket cut and inlay with a stack of 2 mdf pieces and glue it in. :slight_smile:

Try Dove Tail Gadget on Vcarve Pro. It works very nice, almost all my box joints are the same used that Gadget.
Here is one sample can give you an idea.


Do you have something i can use to make dove tail joints for making a box. I need help.