A Sample Sign for a Local Business (bad pictures)

I made this for a local landscaping company. They are going to offer my services as an option to customers for future projects.

I hadn’t done anything 3D ish so far due to not having any spare machine time, but I have knocked a few jobs on the head to work on some of my own ideas so I’m playing/learning as I go.

Its got a coat of Danish oil on, but will get another one or two once it’s dry. Oh and its 300x160mm


Very nice job.
What font did you use?
And what cutters?

Not sure on the fonts, I’ll have to check when I’m back home later.

I matched the fonts to a picture the guy sent me of his van wrap, and then made a tree from the same.

I used an 8mm 4 flute for cutout and pockets, a 60 degree V bit for the Vcarve bits, a 1mm endmill for the gaps in the branches, a 2 flute 1/8 spiral up cut for 3d roughing, and a two flute 1/8 ball nose for the 3d finish.

I only cut part way through on the profile, and finished it with my bandsaw and a flush trim in the router table

I actually used the tree from the guys logo (which was essentially just a tree and the writing underneath).

I used aspire to cobble together the tree using the photo. I probably could have done it easier/using the proper method if there is one, but I have only been using it for a couple of weeks so am pretty happy with the results.

Thanks Phil.
When I started it looked sort of like a cloud to be honest which wasn’t good.
I am really amazed with Aspire. I have literally no 3d etc skills or knowhow, but with some trial and error and a couple of tutorials I got results I was happy with.

Here is a picture of the tree on its own I got from the guys Facebook as a picture from an angle of the side of a van wasn’t much use

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