A Simple V Inlay job to get me back into things

I’ve been away. Work. Life. Work. Playing with wood using hand tools (heresy, I know). Work, work, work…

Anyway, I saw a cutting board design on the Googles, and being the woodworker I am, I immediately copied the idea. It’s simply strips of walnut between pieces of oak. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to try and make the inlay grain align with the grain of the board itself. Maybe next time.

Happy to share the VCarve files with anyone (or any other format if you let me know how to create it)


copper wire inlay will look very nice.

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This guy needs an x-carve. But he does have a roller press thingy which I don’t :disappointed:

I looked into the roller press… quality is expensive. Turns out you can buy a lot of prepared wire for the same price tag!

This is the best place I’ve found for inlay wire (here is a copper 24 gauge):

They also have copper, brass, bronze, gold, silver, and platinum. The precious metals are available in a cheaper plated form, listed on the site as “filled”

If you decide to buy wire from here, make sure you only get the “dead soft” variety.