A simple vcarve / colored resin inlay'd Teachers Gift

One of my favorite ways to color a sign or plaque is colored resin inlays. I think they come out incredibly clean without painting. You end up trading paint for sanding tho - but I seem to screw up less with sand paper than paint. My oldest got to join me in the shop for a day to make thank you gifts for his 6th grade teachers and some staff. We batched out 5 of them - and it probably took us less than 4 to 5 hours total. Sort of a simple project for this crowd, but if you haven’t done this type of finishing I am a fan…

Also including a link to the short-ish video (~6 mins)



Very nice and great to get the kids involved.

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Agreed, but he was never really interested until I made a YouTube video, then he was all on :slight_smile:

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I got it. My 11 year old grandaughter likes to watch and learn. We are always making something for the teachers Christmas. birthdays and end of school. Nice work.

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Love the design. Great to work with kids in the shop @TimBelcher


That’s the best use…

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Thanks Phillip

Very nice and informative! By the way, where did you get the clamps your are using? Thanks.

Thanks! I picked them up on amazon… look for kreg flat clamps I believe… and I think they were reasonably cheap

Thanks, I found them. I don’t have the dog holes in my wasteboard, but, with the CNC, it would be easy to add the holes. After trying a number of different clamps, I’ve pretty much standardized on just “screwing” the piece to a piece of MDF attached to the wastedboard. The holes con be filled and sanded along with any groves made during piece cutout… When making a number of the same carves, like coasters, I use screw inserts instead of just wood screws to hold the piece. Then, it’s easy and repeatable to remove and replace items during different toolpath operations.

I also do 3D printing so it might be easy enough to reverse engineer the Kreg design.

Very true

Excellent narration in that video as well.

Thanks Mark! That means a lot :slight_smile: