A tip and a request for help

Tip first: If you select a 60 deg V bit as roughing tool for a bowl, but use a bowl bit instead, you wind up with very smooth sloped bowl sides and a nice curved transition to the bottom of the bowl.

Request: Not sure if this is my lack of knowledge or something that is not available in Easel.
It is easy to draw a curve using X & Y axis, I would like to be able to create curves using th Z axis for carving things like spoons and bowls or even for putting a wavy surface as the field of a sign that has raised letters. Is there a simple way to do this?

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While there was some work on this type of feature several years ago by Inventables, I am not certain if it has been continued or permanently shelved. Check out the short thread below…

You can try the Bezier Cone Generator, Bezier Slope Generator, or Super Gradient Generator apps. You can get a pretty decent result that requires minimal sanding with some work.


Brandon Parker


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