A tool to put a perfect bevel on the edge of a thin sheet

I’ve needed this so many times, I finally sat down and did it. Will put a ±60 angle on 1/8" or less sheet goods. I’ve to go out tomorrow and get some hardware to put it together.


Will need to see this in action

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Now that’s a neat idea!

Sweet! Set your angle using the indexed pin, then the thin plastic goes in the slot. Slide back and forth until proper bevel is achieved? Two pics show different angles. One on left is about 45° and pic on right is about at 90°. Perfect example of necessity being the mother of invention. :sunglasses:

Looks like a precision scraper to me.

it works like a cabinet scraper. It only takes a few passes on plastic.

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Waiting for a video of it in action. I’m impressed to this point!

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Is this your own design?
Are we going to be blessed with the design blueprints?