A very New York present for Jimmy DiResta. 3D Topographic New York State

I went to the Catskills Makers Camp last weekend, and brought Jimmy a little gift. I have posted some pics here in the past of some of my lake carvings, and even have an older post with some info on how I made them. In this video, I not only do the build but go over the broad strokes of how I made the project - from grabbing some USGS images - to making and refining the model. This was the first project like this I did on the larger CNC. One note - if you do something like this on your xcarve - just be careful of wood movement. I did a large lake project - 29.5 inch square and 2 inches thick. The cupping that occurred as I hogged out that much material from the blank overcame the clamps, and ultimately started to warp up the corners of my xcarve. I needed to clamp the xcarve flat to the table mid cut to keep going! Lot of energy in that wood. Anyway - here is a link for anyone interested and a few pics. Cheers!


Looks great!

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