A workbench for my x-carve (finally)

I had been planning an elaborate cantilever system to hoist my x-carve up into the ceiling of my workshop but since I moved house earlier this year I have more space at home so yesterday decide to bring it home, and build a workbench.

This is as far as I got on Saturday.

The first test of it’s structural integrity was to see whether it could support a pint of cider, and I was pleased that it did but I tested it a couple more times just to be sure!

Now to build all the drawers, cupboards, cable routing and dust collection…loads of work but satisfying.


The cider looks level to me… you might want to try just one more to be 100% sure. :slight_smile:
Great work… happy Carving…

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Cider levels rule! Wait, wasn’t that a movie? :smiley:

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I used to have my x carve in a corner…I recently moved it to have access to 3 sides.

My X-Carve is in a corner but is on locking castors so I can move it about it I need to - usually to pickup a dropped tool.

Hi Jay, I know what you mean and so the workbench is on lockable castors. Once I’ve figured out my design for a new mitre saw station I should have room the bring it away from the corner, assuming my plans are correct. Hopefully I should have enough room to access all four sides if needed.

sweet. I would love to do a mobile station. Just don’t have a lot of time to even use my x carve let alone desogn and make a mobile table…lol I want to get a folding stand for my miter saw.

i’m about to put together my own table as well.

do you have a plan for this one or some pictures at different agles? I really like the design of it.

also, what are you using for the top?

nice work.

Hi Glenn, it’s a long way from finished but I’ll mock up a drawing of the build so far. Like so many tinkerers I made it up as I went along, allowing for experience with previous projects.

For the tabletop I used four 25mm thick pieces of laminated chip/fibre board, each 600mm x 600mm. Why four pieces? Well, my company was chucking out some old desks and so I set about salvaging the best bits, hence the dimensions. I hadn’t planned it that way but it turned out perfectly for a 1200mm x 1200mm table.

I then used contact adhesive to laminate a single piece of flooring vinyl, which I salvaged from a skip. A local veterinary practice was being refurbished and a new floor put down, so I was able to grab a decent offcut roll. It’s 2mm thick and very hard wearing (in theory).

It’s otherwise all held together using wood glue and pocket screws.

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