Abandon toolpath mid-carve

This is now a problem for me on basically every carve I try. What happens:

What should happen:

So, I’ve tried cutting with chilipeppr and I get a similarly destroyed workpiece. There is an error ID:25 message suggesting that part of the problem is a failure to interpret a raise bit command. Why this is happening I would love to know. I haven’t touched the electronics on my x-carve since assembling the machine. The test carve runs fine. The second thing about this problem I find concerning is that the stray cuts don’t show anywhere in the toolpath.

Can I get a response from Inventables on this? I’m not the only one encountering this problem and, at least for me, it’s a show-stopper.

It appears that something is loose or not adjusted properly.

Things to check:

set screws in the pulleys
adjustment of the V wheels
adjustment of the belt tension

loose stepper motor wire
stepper motor wire shorting to its neighbor on the terminal strip
adjustment of the stepper motor current limit

I have a similar problem using the 24vdc spindle, except mine occur along the toolpaths. My bit just fails to raise and it plows through the board. It happens on and off and is a real pain to diagnose. Another user suggested it may be related to that spindle being “noisy”. What are you using for a spindle?

Likely to be unrelated but have you seen this thread? The error id:25 is the same.



i had the same problem, i think it was the 24V. spindle. When i mounted the makita router the problem was solved.

I’m using the 24v spindle. If switching spindles might solve the issue then I can try that.

I’ll check mechanical adjustments and look for shorts but I don’t think it’s an issue of anything being loose or shorting, as the machine seems to be going where it means to (at least in the X/Y). I get the feeling the carve would go along just fine if those Z up commands weren’t failing.

Also, why is the normal behaviour for the machine to keep on trucking when it hits a bad command? Shouldn’t that be an indication that something has gone wrong and the machine ought to stop what it’s doing?