Ability to center artwork on material

I just happened to be working on a project that was square art within a square sheet of material and thought why not have the ability to center the image on the material? Would have saved me time and clicks and maybe a few headaches down the road.


Further, for the alignment tools, the ability to specify which shape goes where. Click shape 1, shift-click shape 2, hit align, shape 2 is aligned with 1 (only one moves).

Hi guys,

I thought about this same thing. It would be a nice feature.

As a workaround while you wait for it, try this:

After getting your design into Easel, create a rectangular shape the size of the material. Next center your design to that rectangle. Then, select all of the design and the rectangle and in the “shape” tab, type in 0 and 0 for the lower left coordinates. Finally, delete the rectangle you created for centering and enjoy a centered design.


Interesting idea. You should start a new feature request thread for that though.

EDIT: I created one: Specify the "anchor" shape during alignment operations

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