Ability to select only one or two cabinets from a room to cut?

I built a room with 10 cabinets in it, and I’d love the option to select a cabinet at a time to cut in Easel. I also think that it would be good to be able to select “all by type.” For instance, if I just wanted to cut the base cabinets in a project, or if I just wanted to cut the shelves, or if I just wanted to cut the door parts for glass-front doors.


This is a great idea! I especially like the idea of being able to cut just the boxes, or just the doors, so you can focus on one thing at a time without dealing with too many parts.

One thing that can sort of help is to select different material (even if they are actually the same), which will let you break out boxes, drawers, doors, and backs.

But it doesn’t let you exclude uppers or lowers, and the door and drawer fronts are the same material, too.


Hey folks! Thanks for reaching out to share this feedback. We have plans to implement a solution that allows users to select which cabinets to include in the nesting output. As of last week, we introduced functionality that allows you to select which types of panels to include in the nesting output!

Mark, just for my benefit and additional context - is there a reason that you’d like to be able to cut one cabinet at a time? Let me know! :slight_smile:


For me its a matter of space, time, and material availability. If I want to work on two tall cabinets today, or just build boxes today and doors tomorrow, I would like to be able to make that decision. Or if I am remaking a single cabinet, I would like to able to do that without scrapping the rest of the entire project.

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I second your thoughts. I could see plenty of times I would want to just cut out one or two cabinets to work on instead of cutting out the whole lot. Also, if I’m not going to be doing the whole job at once I wouldn’t want all of the material sitting around my shop/garage for a long period of time just waiting to be cut. I also agree with the replacement cabinet sentiment. My only thought on a workaround, albeit a bit clunky, would be to create a copy of the job and just delete out all the cabinets other than the ones you want to cutout. I suppose you could have a project that is your “master” and label it as such and just keep creating copies to edit/cutout to your needs.


Edit: The above is just a snippet of adding a label to a project. I also wanted to add that it seems the Inventables team working on the Cabinetmaker software really do listen to feedback and hopefully something like what you mentioned will be added but this could be a workaround in the meantime. I don’t want it to seem as though I’m throwing out suggestions as THE way to do it so that a proper way isn’t added but if enough people show interest and present it as a need/want there’s a higher chance it will get added. I say all that to say don’t be afraid to ask for the moon because you never know! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Funny enough, this is exactly what I’m doing for my project. There’s far too many cabinets for me to make at once (it’s for my shop, so I’d run out of shop while improving the shop), and also I want to make sure I’m happy with everything before I commit several thousands of dollars of plywood! :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I have thought of many of those work-arounds in the past, but it is always good to learn a few more. And I have used many if them in the past when using my old XCarve. They work. I also think that helping update the software pays dividends for us all in the long run. And for Inventables too.


Hey folks,

It’s awesome to see this kind of collaboration and peer-to-peer support! I will keep you all updated as our team begins working on this development. I think the method that Jonathan and Phil have suggested is a great workaround in the meantime.

I’ve mentioned it before - that input from our users is incredibly valuable to our team and our process. Thank you all for your support, your feedback, and for helping to guide improvements to our beta software! Please continue to reach out if you have additional questions or suggestions!


I am trying to do exactly this, but can’t figure out how to copy my project. How do you copy a whole project so that I can delete out cabinets I don’t want to print?

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Took me a minute last time, too. You have to flip to the Easel screen, then you can make a copy from there.

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 11.35.32 AM

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 11.35.05 AM

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Tried to do this action this morning, as a matter of fact. This would have saved me 30 minutes recreating a cabinet in my larger project.

THANK YOU… I literally spent 2 hours trying to figure this out. And then Another hour just rebuilding my whole layout again in a separate project.

In the process I also figured out that if you share the project, have both projects open, and then try to save them separately you’ll get an ‘out of date’ error and it will ask you if you want to make a copy… so i sort of answered my own question in a very roundabout way