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About the Accessibility category

This category is for issues related to Easel usability and accessibility. Easel is designed to be easy, free and useful for everyone. Check out this page for a primer on what we mean by accessibility.

There are 4 principles laid out:

  1. Perceivable - Available through sight, hearing, or touch.
  2. Operable - Compatible with keyboard or mouse.
  3. Understandable - User-friendly, easy to comprehend.
  4. Robust - Works across browsers, assistive technologies, mobile devices, old devices/browsers, etc. Follows standards.

Designing Easel, making a program that is comprehensible is not just an accessibility goal, it is a core principle. However, there is far more to accessibility than just being able to understand Easel. Issues relating to perception, operation and robustness have to be constantly worked on.

Please feel free to let me know personally if you have an issue that you would prefer not to post about publicly. I consider this to be a particularly sensitive part of the forum. It will be be a safe, friendly and supportive.

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Okay guys, anyone else notice yesterday, Sunday, 8-2-2015 easel was acting different. When I got to the set up section for the bits I was getting a dual bit display. One was showing ‘rough cut’ and the other was showing ‘finish cut’ with a repeat of the 5 bits available to you. Also I couldn’t get my computer to find easel no matter what. Out of frustration I stopped for the day. This afternoon I went into easel to set it up prior to calling inventables and everything was working normally and I no longer had the dual bit set up? Anyone else notice this?

Earlier today the dual bit thingy went away and I just figured inventables jumped the gun on an update but then later this evening it was back! So I really don’t know what’s going on.

Will or is this Easel software compatible with other cutting tables. I have an old vanguard and im having trouble finding software that isn’t expensive.