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We are starting a program to allow developers to write apps / plugins for Easel. This category is for discussing app ideas, for developers to ask questions, etc.


Any news on this @paulkaplan ?

Yes! We are writing documentation on the API and adding the ability to authorize users as “developers” and adding some app moderation tools. We hope to have that done by the end of the week, when we will start reaching out one-by-one and getting people using it. I’ve got a few people I know would be interested, like you @IanWatkins, @Rusty, anyone else on the forum who would want to access / test / break / light-on-fire the first pass at developing apps?

Excellent news Paul. I’m happy doing hardware mods, but happier still if I can change the software to drive it :smile:

HI @paulkaplan, Im keen on getting access /testing on the app feature. Can you send me more info.

Whats the best way to submit any bugs found in the easel app?

I’d like to request access for developing apps, but I can’t find anywhere to do so. I hope this is an ok place for it. :slight_smile:

Hi ! New to X-Carve/Easel. Trying to determine if X-Carve/Easel is for me.

Ideally, would like to cut parts for an RC airplane starting from a set of plans. Looking at X-Carve as a way to start doing this. According to article/review in most recent Balsa Builder magazine, there is supposed to be an App that will allow someone to “convert a model airplane part from paper template or sketch into digital tooling path”. Can anyone verify this and identify source for details on how to use it ???

Secondly, is there any written tutorials for getting started with Easel ???