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Where is the link to the assembly videos? They seem to have disappeared.


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My Limit switches are missing two nuts how can I get them mailed to me?

Received my xcarve yesterday evening. After sorting all the parts I realized I don’t have a Delrin nut in my package. Looking further I see there is not the M6 locknut to put on the top of the shaft either. Is it possible to get these parts sent to me?

Where did the instructions go?
The page is very hard to find now. :frowning:

Well, I received my 1000mm Xcarve 2.0 Yesterday afternoon. I unboxed the pieces and everything looked ok. After getting into the install, (I think the instructions online need to be polished a bit, some pictures at weird angles, some steps skipped, etc) I noticed several of the labels of bags of screws, nuts, etc were not matching up to the part numbers listed in the instructions, or some were not labeled at all, making me have to guess what some things were. Made things a lot more difficult trying to match up and go forward and backwards to make sure I didn’t miss a step, mix up a step, or will need those parts later on. Well, it’s built… ish. I found the ribbon cables in the Xcontroller to have one end backwards on both of them. I am unsure if that will affect anything, but it makes it tight to have it spun around like that. I also have the ZProbe option, but didn’t see anything in the instructions on what to do with it.

I was a little disappointed in some of the explanations, such as setting the tension of the belts “start tightening down the M5 nylon locking nut until you hear an audible tone when plucking the belt.” Define an audible tone. And the page for the sideboard listed “Assemble frame using the 20mm x 20mm aluminum extrusion, gusset brackets, pre-assembly insertion nuts and M5x8mm button head cap screws.” And that was it. I am still a bit confused on the tuning of the xcontroller, so I’ll have to do some research on that as well.

It may be due to the 12 hours I spent putting this together in the last 24 hours, and am tired… but seems there is some room for a few tweaks to make the experience a little less frustrating for new people like myself that have not dealt with anything like this before.

I do look forward to using it, and the questions I’ve had with customer service have been answered effectively and quickly. So please don’t take this as a slam, but just my experience in building this so far.

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About the Assembly of a X-carve unit 1000mm.

Soon I will get my X-carve unit, since my purchase I have been watching videos and review several topics published in the Forum exchange and discussions. As I been watching and try to learn about the X-carve and different experience users, I am getting more confuse. Indeed, everyone using the X-carve has several experiences however, for a new comer like me which is the best web site or video publisher which will refer to the latest X-carve machine meaning December 6th 2016. Many improvements has been provided by Inventables and now even ready my content list of my purchase, all those improvement or add-on being proposed by actual users, are those included in my machine?? Help me please to understand what I am getting. Thanks folks.

I just want to say how happy I am with my X-Carv. It was shipped over many dates because of back orders.
They did there best to get me the main parts before Christmas. I still have a few parts on back order. I was able to put the unit together and still make some signs. I just cant say again how pleased I am with everything. The X-Carv is simple and easy to work with.

nice post i really like it

I bought my unit 3 years ago while you were transitioning to a new warehouse. The unit was sent in over 30 packages that took over 2 months to arrive and then to make matters worse, the final parts you kept sending were mislabeled. So I ended up with a 2k paperweight and the worst customer service i have ever experienced in my life. I’m attempting to put this piece of crap together finally now that I have free time and well i still need those final parts though more importantly as i try to go view the assembly video and instructions they are no longer available. So happy many of your customers got their machine right away properly in one package and were able to turn profits quick. While me you bent over backwards and then left on the bleacher like the dirty rag you left on your bathroom floor. How about so damn help to fix this shit of a product you sent me after charging me for an amazing cnc machine i never had the opportunity to use even though i helped contribute to your growth.

Hello everyone,

We just bought our X-carve and received it in 4 separate deliveries.

I wanted to share our experience so far with packaging, assembly instructions and process as well as to ask for helpful tips from you guys. Because it has been a bit frustrating and Xcarve team is unreachable. I hope you guys can provide some tips that will convince us to stick with xcarve because we are almost at the point to return all of this and order a shepeko instead because we are looking to get 2 cnc machines and we do not want to go through this with another xcarve.

1 - We started to unpack everything and started to look for an assembly manual. But none to be found. We then went online and found their assembly page. And ohhh god but their instructions are tricky to follow and definitely could use a rework. But I feel like including a printed manual is a basic must that I don’t quite understand why they wouldn’t include it. Specially since they took the time to include a printed thank you card. Toggling a $2k+ laptop right next to your work area is not ideal. At least a downloadable PDF.

2 - Packaging must be a nightmare for whoever is putting together this order because although most of the little bags are labeled, a lot of the parts that you need for the section you are working on are on completely different packaging. You spend more time looking for the correct bolts, nuts, washers and screws than you do assembling them. And god forbid any one of these little parts roll off your table and get lost because they do not include extras at all. I dropped 1 nut and 1 washer and just can find them, so guess what. I am now short 1 but and 1 washer to finish the assembly. Further more there is a complete bag of screws we never found in any of the packages. Luckily I happen to save nuts and screws from other builds so I was able to salvage and keep going.

3 - The instructions. Holy Jesus, these instructions are just so bad and difficult to coherently follow. We sort of gave up on them and searched on YouTube for people that have uploaded their process for assembly. We have put around 5-6 hours of assembly time into it and still have not finished it. We are at the point of putting together the electrical components. We are almost at the point of repackaging this and return it back to them. But that also seems to be a hell of a process lol.

Please help with any tips. Please tell us that this is the difficult part and that everything else is easier. I wish we would have looked more in depth prior to buying this because we are not happy campers right now. We have a smaller cnc and it took us about 2 hours to setup (including software) and we were carving in 2 hours. We bought this so we could work in larger pieces.

We even looked into buying the Xcarve Pro but with our experience so far, you can believe that they will not be getting 11k from us.


Anyone else notice that it is impossible to put an M 5x25 button head cap screw and an M 5x8 button head cap screw through the two perpendicular holes in the belt clip? I had to grind down one side of the 5x8 screw to make it work… What am I missing here?

Thank you!


Hello. Is there anyone in Portland, Oregon who can help me assemble the unit? I began a a few months ago never finished it and I’m afraid I just won’t be able to do it.