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Have an idea for something you wish Easel could do? Let us know. The developers are here to help turn those ideas into reality. We also will post our ideas and plans, and let everyone know what is currently in process.

I can’t figure out how to ask a new question, so Im asking you. Does Easel work with a Routakit, which I understand is a derivative of Shapeoko?

II have a question that may have been answered before but does Easel Pro work with Snapmaker with the C n C module?

A few ideas since I started using Easel in September.

  1. Add a function that when you set Z - 0" that a small window shows if you are above or below 0" while operating - very handy if you are manually using and need to know if you have returned to exact Z- 0" (show as .000")
  2. Add a function to access layers. Sometimes the small pieces that are behind are hard to click on while designing. A layer function would allow the user to bring
    the section forward to work on or move around.
  3. Add a function that the scroll on the mouse will zoom in/out without holding
    down the ctrl function key. Similar to the viewer window on the right.
  4. Add a function that would allow the zoom on design to zoom in a little bit more.
    This would be helpful. Especially on smaller viewing pc monitor. I am using large screen and it can still be limiting.
  5. Add a function that you can adjust the zero on Z axis while carving. I have ran into this issue when manual mode is selected and I set Z axis too low or high.
    This would allow a quick solution to save the carving. Especially useful when using multiple bits on the same project.
  6. Add a function that you could setup 3 bits on one carving, instead of the now 2 bits. This would help speed up the process, allowing larger bit diameter to remove larger amount of wood, a 2nd bit to get most of the rest, and a 3rd bit to get the small detail.

I love my xcarve. Great product. I love easel also. Tweaking easel will help the user interface.

I think it would be nice if in machine inspector the DRO outputs that they have up on the screen I think a bigger font would be nice because that’s all guys we don’t have very good eyesight

Save project to a thumb drive on an Apple Computer to take to a laptop for cutting.

I am a new Easel Pro user - so if I just don’t know how to do these things, please educate me. But I want to be able to:

  1. Print hard copy of my workpieces to a PDF or sheet paper
  2. Select a shape or group of shapes with a selection box without selecting shapes that are only partially surrounded by the select box
  3. Zoom in on the right side cutting view. It is too small to be useful.
  4. Set an order of operations for shapes to be cut… by numbering them in the cutting settings for the shape perhaps. I am seeing insane amounts of idle useless travel across the workpiece adding lots of time to the cutting.
  5. An easy way for selected separate workpieces to be automatically arranged on a 4x8 sheet for cutting all at once. Even better if the software works out the optimal arrangement for both material savings and cutting speed/ completion time.
  6. Ability to have the select box move the workpiece in the window when selecting near the edge of the viewing box, to be able to easily select objects that are off the cutting area without zooming and losing the granularity of the selection box.

These are the things that frustrated me in my first week of using the software for a sizeable project. If I am just not aware of how to use anything above that exists please let me know.

-Larry M

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iPad Pro/mobile formatting

The Easel web app is losing half the bottom bar on iOS/iPad, if you click on the down arrow to hide this area the only way to get it back is to clear cookies and reload, would be great to get this issue fixed.

Also it doesn’t render as on Mac in safari or chrome.

Using Center for repeat carves is great, it would be fantastic if we could also use center zero for STL two sided carves, it would make flipping the work so much simpler and save a bunch of time sanding out the miss alignment edges.