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All discussions pertaining to upgrades that can be done on an X-Carve.


Hi There

I am very new to all of this.
I am burning to order the x-carve but I need to cut costs as it will have to be shipped to South-Africa.
I have the following motors 23-305-DS8A 4,2V 3A 1.4R and need to know if I can use them.

All help will be really appreciated.

I built my own CNC so I have all the parts except a decent framework. The table was difficult to dial in perfectly flat and the gantry left a lot to be desired. Can I purchase just tje X-Carve Gantry and frame bed and use the other parts I already have to build a machine on the X-carve platform?

So where would one talk about the Shapeoko 2? Our makerspace, OlyMEGA, was kindly given a Shapeoko 2 when they were being given away, one per state. I’ve done quite a few upgrades on it. Where would I talk about this?