About to pull the trigger, 750mm or 1000mm

Looking at ordering a unit. Only thing I am wondering is whether I should get the:

A) 750mm kit with a couple of additions: 1/8 B Carve bits, Carving Bit Starter Set, and Bit Set for Fine Detail Engraving


B) 1000mm kit without all the drill bit kits.

Also is the side board worth the money? I saw some review talking about how with the location and the small fan, a lot of that dust gets sucked up into the power box. So I was thinking of making an enclosure. Looking at making plaques, engraving some cutting boards, nothing too serious at this point. Just starting out and have never played with a CNC machine.

Thanks in advance

And is the precision collar worth getting or just a gimmick for new suckers like myself?

I ordered the whole package when i bought, my summary would be:

  • never used the fine detail engraving, so I can’t tell you anything about them
  • killed the other bits pretty fast, but this was entirely my fault. But it would have annoyed me pretty much, if that beginner mistakes happened with a bit > 20 €, so the inventables set saved me money :wink:
  • for me the sideboard is a no-brainer for not ordering, regarding shipping costs to Germany and usefulness (but that includes the wasteboard, too. shipping costs are just too expensive). I have build an enclosure and have no use for the sideboard at all

I have the sideboard. I don’t regret it, but if your budget is tight, don’t bother, you won’t be missing out on anything.

I agree with @DominikMai, start with cheap bits, you’re going to end up breaking a few. :slight_smile:

If you plan on using 1/8" bits, get the precision collet.

I advise going for the bigger kit if you’ve got the space. I’d wager that most on the forum who started with one of the smaller kits end up upgrading or wishing they’d gone bigger.

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Get the biggest machine you can afford if you have the space. The work area is less than the size you buy. You can get a couple bits on ebay to get you started as opposed to a whole kit of which there are some you may not need. If you are getting the router that takes a 1/4" bit ,you could do a lot with a couple regular shank router bits like a v bit, a 1/8, 1/4, etc and they are sturdy for the learning curve you will go through. The tiny bits are for fine details.

Thank you for the responses. Spent the money for the 1000mm system with a couple of bits.

I would go for the 1000x1000 gives you that option for larger projects that’s if you got the space as it’s quite big that’s what I’ve got.
If you got an extraction system don’t worry about dust going into the controller as the extractor does a excellent job I recommend it so yeah defo go for the side board then you haven’t got to keep plugging connections in and out. And you can make a folding table to keep it out the way all fixed down

Go big or go home!

I don’t believe you can cut 24" width boards on the 750. So…go big. I didn’t get the sideboard, not needed. A good dust extraction system(a must have) will keep the dust down if that’s a concern.

In hindsight…I think I would have gone with an entirely different machine, not an Xcarve. It’s just not ‘solid/stiff’ enough for anything but slow and tender cutting. It will cut just fine, but it’s painfully slow by comparison. Sure, I’d probably have to spend a bit/lot more, but in the long run, it might be worth it depending on how much you plan on using it.