Abrasive Bits

Why we don’t have Abrasive bits why companies not consider for making such bits.
thin metal can cuts/carve with cnc’s any Ideas ? its not possible.
cutoff wheel working very nice on grinders for metals and why not use with cnc machines.
any Ideas can you share here please.

If you have a 1/8th inch collet, you can look through the Dremel bits. They have some abrasive bits and they also have bits that are diamond coated.

Search for “Diamond Burr Bits” on Amazon

Harbor Freight has a small set too


Abrasive bits like burr bits are common and primarely used for materials that carve well with these, like fiberglass boards/PCB´s etc.

Abrasive bits on metal dont work well because of the heat build-up of the rather small part of the bit that is actually touching the material. One can not compare grinder tools and CNC applications without taking this into account.

The ideal way of CNC-machining hard metals like steel/iron is using full length cutters, low RPM and a very rigid machine. You want the heat from the slicing to exit via the shaved of slice.

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Thank you I seen mostly are for dremel. they work better if we used 90 degree