Access to Electronics GrabCAD

Hey everyone, I seem to be unable to open the grabCAD page, linked on this page. What gives?

Works fine for me.

What error were you seeing?

I occasionally have GrabCAD ask me to login to their site. The way I work around this is to open the GrabCAD links in “incognito / private” mode.

What works fine? The Inventables electronics instructions page? Or the grabcad page linked in the instructions page?

“You do not have permission to access this page”

I’ve tried navigating to that grabcad on my desktop, my laptop, my phone, AND my work laptop on different networks, logged in and logged out of GrabCAD. I think I’m cursed if you guys are seriously able to view that page.

I just checked, incognito didn’t help.

@NathanButler You are not cursed.
Same thing for me. You do not have Permission to access this page.

This is something for Inventables to look at.
Email the support team.

Well that’s a relief. I just emailed them. Thanks Jeremy.