Acme rod for x & y axes

Hello I am new here and was wondering if threaded rod can be used on an xcarve for the x and y axes using an Arduino .If so what size do that have to be ?

Regards Michael

Everything is possible. Personally if you’re going to do the effort, i’d look into ballscrews instead of acme. Total span is a factor to keep in mind. I know there has been a discussion about this a whole while back, but I can’t find it unfortunately. Maybe someone else remembers it and can provide a link.

idk what you mean by ‘using an arduino’. It’s a mechanical upgrade which has nothing to do with your controller.

@Phantomm released a kit found here: MFXWorkshop

Just search “ScrewDrive Upgrade” for the thread if you want to learn more. .

The main differences are when using screws vs belts:

  • Finer step resolution
  • Higher maximum torque output
  • Maximum rapid rate will be lower
  • Less backlash
  • Overall increase step rigidity

Hello Xfredericox

I am using an Arduino to drive the xcarve and it works fine.
When I change the belt drive for Acme rod instead of going 10 mm on a test it onlyy goes 2mm.
The Acme rod I am using is 8 mm shoud it be larger ?

Regards Michael

ACME rods are usually 8mm pitch (8mm travel per revolution) and they are also 8mm in diameter.
Thicker ACME screws are not common (if available at all, I haven’t seen them)

The next common step up is SFU16xx ball screws where the diameter is 16 and they come typically in 5mm pitch (1605) and 10mm pitch (1610)

One characteristic of screws (ACME or otherwise) is whip. Rotate them fast enough over a given length span they will start to whip. Not really a big problem we would face with the sizes of machines / RPM we operate with.
Steppers are practically limited to about 1000-1200RPM but adding servos to the mix amplifiy the risk as they can be much faster.

The controller (Arduino) do not matter.
The length of the ACME screws need to be about the full span of your alu frame.

I found the thread I referenced earlier.

It was about the Phantomm upgrade, which I was very sceptical of.
It deals exactly with what you want to do.

This post in particular may be interesting: (Old) Lead Screw Upgrade Kit (OLD THREAD)

I suggest you read up, there’s some good arguments in there from both sides.

I myself remain sceptical about using an 8mm acme on anything over 500mm of span, but the reviews of the Phantomm upgrade were mostly positive as far as I can remember, so what do I know. :sweat_smile:

Good luck!

btw, there’s a setting to change whenever you change your drive system. I don’t use an arduino anymore so I forgot which setting that was but I’m sure someone can chip in about that.

I have lead screws on my K2 25 x 14 cnc router. My steppers are 280 in lb. on all axes. I’ve owned it for years. They aren’t ball screws, so I’d imagine they are precision acme screws with anti backlash nuts. I have had no problems at all with whip but speeds are slower as was mentioned above. I use Mach3 and a Probotix controller and the machine is aluminum and carries a full size porter cable router.

Thanks for all your help much appreciated