Acrylic/Epoxy Recommendations

I have a project and I was originally was just going to paint inside the engraving and sand the engraving. However, after actually cutting the inlay some of the parts are pretty thin and I think filling it in with some sort of colored epoxy would have a similar effect and prevent them from them from breaking. Any recommendations of brands ranging to cheap to budget? Any good tutorials for doing the process?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @nogeel I use only the expensive foodsafe resin from Artresins, so I dont know any cheap resin. For coloring it is possible to use food-coloring, I tried acrylic paint but it reacts with the resin and the time for hardening was very very long.
A tutorial is on the Inventables Page from David The drunken woodworker under projects for a resin inlay Cuttingboard or Here on youtube:

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I use the resin kits available from Michaels. I color them with acrylic paints from the same source. Most projects that I have done that have worked out quite well.