Acrylic melting

i have a problem with my Acrylic melting I am running a 30deg bit and its set at 48in/min ,.02plunge rate can any one help with settings for a bater cut .thanks

First, you should make sure you are using cast acrylic; extruded acrylic does not mill as well.
Second, you should be going fast and shallow while cutting acrylic.

Using an air-blast system is also beneficial, but most people do not have that installed on their X-Carve.

Settings will vary by machine, and I can not say that I have used a 30-deg bit with acrylic. I would normally use a 60-deg since it is beefier. Someone else who has used a 30-deg bit will likely be along soon to provide the settings they use, but just remember, the settings can be machine-dependent based on any upgrades someone has installed.


Brandon Parker

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Slow RPM and fast feed rate…

is 0.02" your depth per pass, the plunge rate would be in distance/time format normally?
You can also share the project and we can see all of the settings in one place. Just go to Project>Share and change it to unlisted and grab that link… it’s only a copy by the way, so people can’t actually change your version of the project…

We’ll need more details on what you’re doing, but, yes, feed faster.

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