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Acrylic sign success. 12 x 24 in. on the 500mm X-Carve

Not at all. Just thought it was humorous that the signs are exactly the same.

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What Do you mean with 2 stage cutting? First with a large bit and the with a smaller one?

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Oh no it looks like we have a sign-off

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Where do you guys get your cast acrylic from?

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Could you link please? Maybe I’m just blind but I’m trying to find some and best I can find is 8 dollars for 12x12 at .5" thickness but then it’s 10 dollars per for shipping

Never made edge lit sign so not sure if .5 is the thickness I even need or not

Extruded? OK, but what about Cast Acrylic sheets? You find a good supplier?

I have a good supplier advanced plastics here in nashville. 4x8 sheet cut to anyway you like for 130 bucks 1/4

Here’s a 25x25 that only took 10 hours to make


Great team choice!

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I know right cant beat it.

MUCH better than the Cowboys sign!

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I have made a few signs using LED kits from Ebay and Amazon.

Is anyone using battery power for their LED signs? The kits I have used are 12V and include the AC adapter.

@PhilJohnson - I love the Mos Eisley sign! Care to share the artwork? If not, I understand.

I also wanted to try something different. All of the signs I see sit on a shelf or counter. Has anyone else tried hanging their signs?


I haven’t really figured out how to hang them yet and yes much better than the Cowboys lol

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Do you have any links?

There are several variants of the LED strips. What are you looking for? There are ones with just a single color, ones with RGB color for the entire strip, ones with three LEDs addressable at a time (RGB), and ones with each LED addressable (RGB).

The addressable ones require a controller of some sort or an Arduino like micro that is programmable.

if you just want static light then you can put the LED’s in parallel and use 3 volts to run them. (Blue and white are 3v and the other corlors are about 2.8v.)

This is what I use -


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I also would like source and Assembly information

Yes that would be nice to have the info.