Acrylic Smell

Anyone know if that smell you get from cutting acrylic (I seem to get some variance of it no matter the setting) is safe to inhale? I woke up last night dizzy as can be and was wondering if there is a toxic connection? Yikes. Anyone else experience anything like this?

I think that’s a clear indicator of breathing something toxic.
Was it smoking?
When I cut acrylic, I can barely smell it.

No, nothing smoking or signs of melt at all. There is a smell however. I guess I am new enough at this where I am unsure of regular cutting smells vs. fumes. It does smell like plastic…but not necessarily plastic burning.

Acrylic fumes are toxic use a fan to vent.
If your getting fumes then your spindle speed is too fast would be my guess

Thanks. I have been reading up on acrylic outgassing, required temps, etc…and I am using the recommended settings and bit for 1/4" cast acrylic. Nothing out of the ordinary with a low spindle speed (Dewalt 611 at 1). It seems like others would be having the same issue here as clearly many are cutting acrylic. I am a bit befuddled. No one else is getting headaches or dizzy? I can’t imagine what I’m doing differently.

Setting 1 on the Dewalt is still too high.
16000 rpm
Are you using air or other cooling for your work?
Using a blast of air should keep the heat down.
I have 2 spindles and when I cut plastic I have to use the inventables one that can be dialed down very low speed.
Less than 8000 rpm.

Even if you have the right RPM you may still get melting or smell if your cutter is dull.

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Thanks, I have not been cooling it. That is certainly a must it seems. And I hear you on the RPM as well. I was thinking many here were using their 611 on the lowest setting with acrylic and not smelling anything or having issues.