Active facebook group for everything Xcarve

If you are looking for a great, helpful, active facebook group for new and experienced Xcarve users, check out Everything Xcarve. 3.1k of our current 3.3k members are classified by facebook as active members. There are always fun new topics and friendly people willing to help you through any issue you may be having, and you wont get a “google it” or “search in the group” response even if your issue has been discussed before. So you never have to feel afraid to ask a question you might think is silly.
If we can garner enough interest we also intend to host raffles for bits, files, and upgrades and giveaways for original projectes


Another good one is the X-carve Owners Group with 12k members. weekly show cases. a huge FAQ section with tips and links.

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How many of those actually own or use an X-carve? Just because they are active on Facebook does not mean they can spell CNC.

Here is another group where ONLY Owners or Users of Xcarve are members, so you are going to get advise based on experience NOT opinion.


Sounds like sour grapes. Were you banned from there?

I believe The owners of those two groups are in our group. I know phil is. And a vast majority of members do have the xcarve, though there is a sizable number who joined looking for info before they buy.
We may not be quite as big as the others yet, but we are growing very fast and we have a different set of rules and a different way of running things than the others.


I say the more the merrier.

Are you a member of any of the above groups? I do not see you in any of them.

I think I’m in the second one that was posted. I ‘was’ in the third :rofl: I’m in a few others as well. The names are obviously similar so who keeps track…

Nope not to be seen.

Did you get booted from there?

Sounds like a lot of opinion and no advise to me.

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Well Inventables seemed to share my ‘opinion’ about the moderators of that group. I guess that counts for something. I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove here but you’re not helping yourself.

It’s a bad vibe group. Someone I know got booted for asking a somewhat critical but very reasonable question about Phil’s shield thing. He had no prior history. That says it all if you ask me.

So for you it is it is second hand opinion and sour grapes.

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The administration takes no official stance on the negative reviews of the other groups.
We have our own independent leadership and our own set of rules that differ from the rules the other groups have set.

Lol I’ve talked to Phil before. I’ve also been stalking this group long enough to know that’s a load of… you were a bully to him long before he left here. He came out with the shield well after that. I love how the instigators claim victimhood after thier victims cannot defend themselves.

Phil has always helped me when I needed it. He always helps everyone in the group.

So please keep your toxic opinions inside. I’m pretty sure that you calling them names is a violation of this groups rules. Stay positive.


That’s exactly how it all went down. I apologize.

Hi everyone - I’ve gotten a few flags on this post, so I’ll be shutting it down.

Please feel free to check out any Facebook group you’d prefer if that’s what you’d like, but our forum isn’t the space for discussing which FB group is great/not great. This forum is the only X-Carve group connected to Inventables at this time.

Thank you!