Actual cut sizes on the X-Carve Pro

Frameless base cabinets are typically 24" wide and 34 1/2 inches tall.
Easel will layout the work on a 24x48 plywood but I am not confident the PRO 24x48 will cut this size. My suspicion is that the 24 inches actually means 22 inches in actual cut size which also means, this project will need a different CNA.

For cabinets on a 2’x4’ machine, you’ll have to use tiling to fit 24" pieces. Most of the 24" pieces are wider once you include the kerf of the bit.

Even for a 4x4 machine, it can be tricky to carve cabinets efficiently without being wasteful. I just recently found a few tricks with manually re-organizing out the pieces where I could fit all my pieces (except for the corner cabinet) within a 32x48 slice. This means I can make 3 passes per 4x8 sheet and never have to actually line anything up perfectly, while still avoiding almost any wasted material.

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