Adafruit has released the new iot relay

what’s the big takeaway from previous version
also how does it play into the xcarve?

i have been considering picking one up as of recently.
if a raspberry setup to run the xcarve would this relay have more benefits?

Is this something that can be used to control power to the spindle, x-controller and a dust collector/dust collector? If so, how?

For suction or dust collection:
I think you will either use the MIST or FLOOD outputs from X-Controller or similar… You program this in GCode, or you could use the spindle 0-10v if you don’t have speed control or use a transistor and a cap and have an output 1 (ON) every time the spindle is turned on.

For Spindle Control, you could use the 0-10VDC without a Transistor just set the speed to max speed for every cut and the relay should turn on.

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Edited my post with a but more info :blush:

always on outlet and mounting tabs seem to be big difference from previous other than small improvements?

The PWM on the Xcontroller is the same Arduino output as the 0-10V. The 0-10V is simply an amplified version of the same signal.

I could see where if you’re loading down the 0-10V, you could cause an issue with the amplifier in the chain, maybe.

The downside to 1 IOT relay controlling everything is you can’t turn just the vac on or just the router on. I went with 2 IOT relays with one connected to the spindle output and one is connected to M8 (can’t remember if that’s FLOOD or MIST).

Easel supports outputting M7 and M8 commands.

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