Adding a Bit to the toolbox

How do you add a Cove Box Router Bit (Bowl Bit) to the toolbox?

go to toolbox click bits click on add a bit then name your bit what you want to remember what that bit does then click swhat ever cut you wont and size

Mike Goude
i added a bit to my tool box, but it does not show uo in the bit menue, nor can i get to show for the project cut, do you know why.
hope i haven’t just stole somebodys question

2.5D workspace ONLY allows Endmills and Vbits to be selected.
I presume you’ve entered your bit as a BALL bit,
Ball bits can ONLY be selected in the 3D workspace of Easel, this workspace is only available AFTER importing a STL file.
AND Ball bits can Only be selected for the Finishing Pass of a 3D carve (STL file)

Here’s some more info about Entering Bits into the Easel Toolbox now, at the present time.

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