Adding bits to carve

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to add more than 2 bits to a carve? I’m working on this piece that I think could use a tapered ball nose at the end, but don’t know if or how to add that 3rd bit to setup.

In order to use multiple bits like that you will need to create multiple copies of the design and specify which portion gets carved by which bit. However do note that ball bits entered into Easel can only be selected for the finishing pass of a 3d carve, after importing a STL file. so you’d have to lie to easel and enter the bit as an endmill instead. . .
Here’s an example of a multiple bit carve sing the workpieces (bottom panel) to duplicate the design and specify which bit carves which portion…


thank you so much for this!! this is the type of thing that I am interested in making, and I am glad that I got a chance to see this. I am BRAND NEW to CNC, so there will be large piles of firewood and gallons of wood dust as I work my way through what I suspect will be a steep learning curve.
Pardon my ignorance, but it seems to me that limiting the cuts to two bits is a design flaw/limitation in Easel. Maybe/hopefully something that may be expanded upon in future releases.
nevertheless, thank you for this (I suspect that I will be learning much from you in the months/years to come.


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I suspect that they did this initially to make the software more simple through the limitation.

Months ago, in late 2022 I saw some prospective previews (through photoshop) of an unreleased project to allow for 3 bits and to allow the user to assign different bits to different design areas. That would make the use of the software significantly more complicated. But I think it would be helpful for those of us who are ready for that leap… possibly have these features hidden behind a user selectable option for like lite vs expanded settings…

But I do agree with you that it is certainly limiting and requires outside the box thinking on the users part in order to trick the software to achieve the desired end goal.

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