Adding Bowl and Tray Router Bit

I’m asking if it is possible to add a bowl bit into Easel. I am unable to figure it out - please help.


What I do is call it a bowl bit, but enter it as a straight bit, so you know that it will give you radiused corners and side to floor curves, Easel does not need to know about the curves.
I get a neat bowl by entering the rough cut as a regular pocket but enter a 60 degree bit for detail cut, but then use a smallish bowl or ball bit for the second cut.
Am working on a fairly large bowl with a live edge and am trying to use that technique for just one side of the bowl pocket.

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To add a little extra, this afternoon, I loaded a 1/2 bowl bit into the cnc, with a 0.5 mm step down, telling Easel that it was a 1/2 inch straight cutting bit. Set up the detail carve as a 60 degree bit. Got a very interesting bowl , with no need to run the detail cut, nice smooth sloped sides, would have given me a flatter bowl floor with a smaller step over but will be easy to sand flat.


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