Adding Rotary axis on Vevor 8080 CNC Router

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I just purchased Vevor 8080 CNC Router and looks great for a bigger work piece.
I am also planning to change its spindle motor with Makita RT0701C Variable Speed Router for more speed range of 10,000 to 30,000 RPM

Also Planning to install Rotary axis

Someone has any idea how to wire it up and make it work with this machine?

You will likely need to unplug the Y1 and Y2, clamp the Y in one position (both sides) and then connect the rotary into the Y axis on the controller.

Just copy what YoraHome does with their rotary… (check the links on their listing description for more info on the setup and configuration within the software)

Thanks , I will set up Rotary next week,

I need to drill 200 holes in a 3/4 (1inch Día) schedule 40 PVC plumbing pipe having a wall thickness 3.5 mm (1/8")

How can I speed up the drilling in just one pass depth?

I drilled multiple holes 1/16" in a waste board, but taking too long as compared to drill press

Any idea trick to speed up this production? I have 3000 PC to be drilled .

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