Adding text to an STL file

I have a badge I am going to carve, but I cannot figure out how to get the text onto it that I need. I have the STL file saved, and have tried different programs without any luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on a program to allow me to add the text onto the badge so I can carve it all at once. Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure if Tinkercad is up to the task. I have not tried it but it does text and exports to stl. Aside from that you would need a modeling program.

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Microsoft’s 3D builder can do that but it takes a little practice. There is probably someone in the forum who could transform it for you if you have the model and the text.

What have you tried?

I tried 3D Builder, Fusion 360 and Tinkercad, but was having issues with getting the letters. I am not the most tech savy. I have been working on the lettering in 2d after I uploaded the photo of the badge. Not really sure if what I am working on currently will work. Figured it was worth a try to do the lettering after the badge is done. I would really like to do it all at once rather than trying to overlay the lettering.

Did you ever get it? i may be able to help

I have not. I would appreciate any help you could provide!

What have you got done so far?

I haven’t gotten a lot done. I have a few of the words done in Easel on the 2 dimensional badge, but I am having to do them 1 word at a time (probably a way to do it easier). I have been messing with it after work and in between family things so I don’t have much time invested yet.

did you want it 3d or 2d?

2d would be the easier of the 2. The original file is 3d, but I wasn’t able to add the text I needed in the 3d version. When I got the file I was not able to convert the 3d file to 2d. I am new to this and didn’t realize it was going to be such an issue for me. Thank you for your assistance!

I use It’s an internet based program and it works great. Main use is 3D printing. I stopped using other CNC programs because it is so user Friendly. Tickercad allows you to make it an SVG or a STL file after you have did your editing…

Thanks for the info. I am looking at all these different programs that have been listed. Getting time to look at all of them and mess around in them has been limited. Should get better as the weather cools off.

Got an example STL and text you’re trying to work with?

Vcarve Desktop or Pro

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I have the pro version.

I do, but it is too large to attach. I can give you access to the link if I have your email.

Can you send me the link in a Private Message here?
Click on my name and then “Message”.

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