Additional Cut Depth : New Pro Feature

Additional Cut Depth

I am happy to announce that today Easel comes with a very useful new feature where you can have some shapes be cut deeper than others. This is helpful if your waste board is not perfectly parallel to gantry and you want shapes on one side cut deeper than other. It can also be used to make sure certain cuts go through. Another great use case is when you didn’t cut all the way through - instead of running the entire carve again you can duplicate the workpiece and add additional depth just to the shapes that didn’t cut, deleting or covering up other ones.

To use this feature change your Shape/Cut panel to Cut. For outline cuts that go as deep as your material the Add Depth will show right below the depth slider.

This feature respects tabs so you don’t need to adjust tabs - tabs are omitted from additional depth cuts.


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This is absolutely awesome. I deal with this everyday. I use an aluminum vacuum table and I have to be very careful not to cut through the material more than my pad depth of .003. Many times I do not completely cut through my material and I have to run multiple cuts until I get just through the material! A couple of micro depths would also be appreciated maybe .003 and .006.

Thank you!

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