Additional Z Axis height?

Hi all!

I’m thinking of getting an x-carve, but I need to be able to engrave on surfaces that are 75mm high.

Is there any issues in cutting away a portion of the bed so that workpieces can slot through and give a little extra depth to clear the Z axis?


if the object isn’t too deep, you can mount it in front of the wasteboard and still cut it where the router sticks out a bit.

difficult to explain,someone else might do a better job :slight_smile:

but basically it would be possible without damaging your wasteboard

Thanks, that’s interesting. I think I understand. What would you say is roughly the max depth of work you could engrave using this technique?


Thanks, I have seen this. It does seem like a lot of work to gain just a cm or so that I would need.

turns out this was discussed recently over at shapeOko forums.

I can’t give you an exact number, because my SO2 has been modded extensively and wouldn’t be representative of a new unit. Maybe someone else can help you with an exact measurement. But it probably won’t be much more than 2 inches - if that…

I recently took the center extrusion out, squared up the frame and cut a piece of 3/4" MDF to fit tightly inside the frame and flush to the top of the frame.Then I ripped a couple 2x4’s down, cut a 3/4" rabbit, cut them to length and slipped those over the frame on the y and x sides and screwed them to my table. There is no way that sucker is gonna move now! I cut some 1/2" MDF for my waste board, if I need more Z height I just remove the top board…

have had a Tormach and a Mechmate. I would say no. Just make sure all pieces are secured and secured to each other. My next machine I am building will have a sub- surface so I can pull a trap door and use a hidden vice. good luck on your future projects would like to see them.

I thought I read somewhere that someone removed his wasteboard and cut a hole in the bench so he can mill the ends of boards.

Here is the way I solved this exact same issue (click the link for images) -